Integrates your dispersed workforce
Field data is easily collected via smart devices and rapidly integrated with existing systems (ERP, GIS, etc.) to create a timely, visible, structured, and searchable data flow.

Our Solutions

Asset Information Management

AIM incorporates iBeacon/Bluetooth Low Energy technology to manage location, condition, history, and maintenance.

Facilities and Infrastructure Inspections

Certifies location, date, time, duration, and personnel

Risk Mitigation

Eliminates risk by insuring data and reports are traceable, verifiable, and complete.

Field Workforce Optimization

Automates capture of administrative details to free personnel to focus on areas of expertise.

Safety/Inspection Checklists

Drives accountability and insures "getting it right": every time.

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Our Objective

To become the single, universal field data capture solution
for enterprise systems- closing the loop between field activity
and enterprise systems.